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80% of all business overpay for their telecom services without even realizing it.

Managing IT, Telecom and Wireless expenses can be costly and time-consuming for your business. In addition to paying for the services you want, you’re likely being overcharged for extra services, features, or usage without your knowledge – even if these charges aren’t compliant with your corporate contracts. If your company can’t afford to lose thousands or even millions of dollars on these expenses every year, ExpenseLogic is the ideal Telecom Expense Management (TEM) software for you.



Telecom Expense Management (TEM) Software

Use ExpenseLogic to Quickly and Easily Manage IT and Telecom Expenses

  • Telephone Bills
  • Long Distance Bills
  • Mobile/Wireless Data Invoices
  • Cable Bills

Track Spends and Reduce Errors

ExpenseLogic allows you to track and manage invoices with as much or as little detail as you want. Use the dashboard to see a high-level overview, or dive deep to view how each service like 1FB, data circuit or wireless device is used and billed.


To get started, simply input information from each telecom and IT vendor in to ExpenseLogic, along with Vendor SLAs and contract terms and conditions. Once that information is loaded, your contracts and service agreements will be tracked, allowing you to see exactly what is being charged for each service. Most importantly, it will give you the power to see first-hand whether (or not) you’re being charged appropriately.

Accurately Manage Equipment and Inventory

In addition to the above features, the ExpenseLogic Equipment Portal allows services and equipment orders to be managed from procurement through completion; all while keeping an accurate inventory of assets and contract compliance. The Equipment Portal gives you peace of mind in knowing there will no longer be multiple end-users submitting orders and causing confusion and inaccurate inventory.


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