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Different Locations
= Complicated Expenses

If your company has offices, campuses or stores in multiple locations, you have to deal with a variety of utility invoices. Prevent errors and overspends through ExpenseLogic  and make your company’s utility expense management (UEM) quick and painless.


Manage several types of invoices with ExpenseLogic, such as:

  • Gas
  • Energy
  • Waste
  • Sewer
  • Garbage
  • And More!

Utility Expense Management (UEM) Software

A Powerful Utility Expense Management (UEM) Solution At Your FingerTips

ExpenseLogic helps your company easily view and manage utility invoices across the business. Explore and compare invoice details such as: the kilowatt, therm and water usage, as well as the overall spend for each facility.


Need to track these expenses over time? ExpenseLogic provides current and past usage information instantly. This means that when usage increases, you have data to efficiently manage the increase in real time.


Dive deep, and filter invoice information by:

  • Location (region, cost center, etc.)
  • Date range (service start date, due date, etc.)
  • Invoice type (gas, electric, water, sewer and trash)
  • Vendor
  • Meter Number

Keep Your Utility Vendors Honest

With multiple locations, it is difficult to keep an eye on contract details and perform an audit on each invoice before payment. Your company could even overpay hundreds of dollars each month on utility bills, because the rate you’re being charged is significantly higher than your contract rate.


When your vendor information, contract rates, and tariff rates are entered into ExpenseLogic, the software then performs a monthly pre-payment audit of each applicable invoice for you. The rates that you’re being charged on your invoices are compared to your tariff and contract rates, in order to ensure that charges are billed properly by your vendor. Now that’s what we call accountability.

Set Your Expectations and Audit The Results

Are your utilities being overused by a particular location? Find out quickly with ExpenseLogic. Through the software, you can create a threshold of usage for each service type and track the results by meter identification number. If you prefer, the meter can be also be audited by contract unit amount. Once this information is provided, the usage on the invoice is audited against the set threshold, and the charge will be flagged.


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